Buy 2 Get 1 Free - philodendron hastatum cutting - silver sword - rare house plant

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*****************PLEASE NOTE*****************
if order quantity 2 then you will get (2+ 1) Free = 3 plants. if order quantity 1 you will get 1 plant.
To get free plant select order quantity 2
free plant I will send you automatically .don't need to add to the cart.
feel free to message me if you don't understand the offer detail or have any questions. Thanks


Buy 2 Get 1 Free
If you order 1 you will get:
1 Philodendron hastatum cutting

If you order 2 you will get:
3 Philodendron has Tatum (Silversword) cutting

If you order 3 you will get:
4 Philodendron has Tatum cutting and so on...............

Please note that these offer only for the same plant cutting.

For Example: if you buy 1 Philodendron has Tatum cutting you will get 1 Philodendron has Tatum cutting. If you order 2 you will get
3 Philodendron has Tatum cutting and so on..............

Cutting size : 10-12cm Each

Rare Philodendron has Tatum cutting

You will get 1 healthy fresh Philodendron that has Tatum cutting with its aerial roots. as shown in the picture above

It has 1 leaf.

It does not produce any fruits or flowers.

Philodendrons are well-known houseplants for their air-purifying quality.

It's very easy to grow. beginner's friendly

*******************Propagation Tips************

No pot and soil were provided. once you receive the cutting put them into the soil with filtered water. It is a very easy-growing plant. or you can put them into the water with a glass jar or vase to form the root. And change the water every 2-3 days.
place it into a bright spot but avoid direct sunlight.
it will start to form root within 1-4 weeks.
place them behind the window. and allow it to receive indirect sunlight.
It is a very beautiful and elegant houseplant .bring more color and variegation into leaves.
it is fast-growing so you will enjoy growing them.
It is suitable for gifts, hanging baskets, ideal trailing plants.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
The image shown in the picture is for guidance only, the expected result depends upon the maturity of the plant .thanks for understanding.


Please Note that All postage sent via Royal Mail is signed for. Delivery only Monday to Thursday (To avoid plant sitting on the post).

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