Aglaonema Prosperity Plant Evergreen 10cm Pot

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This Aglaonema Prosperity Plant is a highly decorative plant with several exciting Variegation. This Aglaonema Pink Plant is easy to care for, low resources houseplant that does best if kept away from bonds or vents. Aglaonema Evergreen Plants also known as natural air purifier plants, good for extracting benzene and formaldehyde of the air inside your home.

Our Stunning Aglaonema Plant is one of the most variegated plants to accentuate your interiors. The Aglaonema Pink Plant is great to plant to bring fortune, health, wealth, prosperity, and abundance to your home or office.


  • Pot size: 10cm

You will receive an aglaonema prosperity plant as shown in the picture in a 10cm nursery pot.

You will get a plant with 4-5 leaves to feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thanks.


Aglaonema Prosperity is the easiest houseplant to grow.
This eye-catching houseplant makes a stunning collection of your home, office, etc.
You will receive 1 Aglaonema Prosperity as shown in a picture above.
Nice for is an easy growing beautiful plant.

***********Growing Tips************

Aglaonema is easy to care for plants as they require minimum watering. It is also known as arum.
Aglaonema is a natural air purifier, it absorbs stale air (carbon dioxide) and actually releases oxygen and so keeps your room fresh.


It requires partial or semi partial shade, well-drained soil. It is ideal for home, office decoration.
It cannot tolerate freezing conditions.
If you require more growing tips please message me.
water prior to and post-planting as it needed.
It does not produce any flower.

*********************PLEASE NOTE*********************

The image shown in the picture is for guidance only, the expected result depends upon the maturity of the plant. Thanks for your understanding.


Please Note: That All postage sent via Royal Mail signed for. Delivery only Monday to Thursday (To avoid plant sitting on the post).

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